Hill: Ben Bowie
Date: Wednesday 10th August 2011
Company: Just myself

Weather today, awful - very heavy rain and low cloud.

I set off to ascend an easy Sub2000ft Marilyn.
On reflection, I wish I hadn't bothered as all my gear ended-up soaked and I got no views whatsoever.

Click here to see map of the route undertaken

I parked at the start of the track to Bannachra Muir, beside this gate. There is room for a couple of cars here without blocking access.

Start of walk:

It was just a case of following the track for a couple of kilometres.
The photos don't really show how much it was chucking it down.

Bannachra Muir track:

Bannachra Muir track:

Bannachra Muir track:

Track junction, keep to the main track:

A short distance beyond the track junction, I arrived at the start of the wide firebreak that I had intended ascending. It was completely covered in high ferns (see final photo). Instead I continued on for a hundred metres or so and then ascended another firebreak which had long grass but no ferns.

Ascent via the second firebreak:

Ascending the second firebreak:

The ascent of this firebreak was easy enough and thankfully there was a narrow passageway up through the trees in the final section.

Top of firebreak:

Heading up through the final section of trees:

After clearing the trees, I had a wander about in the mist ascending each lump and bump.

Looking towards top of Ben Bowie:

I'm pretty-sure the next one was the summit.

Summit of Ben Bowie:

From the summit, I followed a faint track which had numerous bootprints. Unfortunately, this led me down to the main fern-covered firebreak. I descended through the ferns. An unpleasant descent. This hill may be easier in the Winter.

Looking back at the awful fern-covered descent via the main firebreak:

On reaching the track, on brushing myself down I found lots of ticks on me; little ones not much bigger than the head of a pin. I was keen to get back to the car to get my waterproofs off as I didn't like the thought of more of these little buggers crawling about on me.

I had intended also ascending The Fruin, but decided to leave it for better weather.